VRLA 2018

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VRLA 2018 was at the beginning of May in Los Angeles CA. As always, this event displayed what is trending in the VR world, what people are working on and new equipments .

One of this uses of VR that attracted me the most was “The Classroom of the Future” presented by Intel.

Inside I was handed a headset and controllers to step into the virtual classroom, which was a large museum room with a digital version of a piece that was created for Burning Man.

What I liked about it was, that beside the people in the expo that were in the Intel booth with me, there was also an expert from The Smithsonian Museum in Washington. And she just gave us an explanation of what we were seeing.

I could walk with my avatar to get closer to sections that she was describing to get a better look. Walk around the objects and get far to see it as a whole. After the explanation, out guide selected a new digital piece and we got a new explanation about it.

One thing that made no sense was the agreement of the booth. Since this should be the future classroom, why we were sitting as a normal classroom? Why not make the booth as different houses or different spaces to show how you can get the knowledge from anywhere. I think that was a missed opportunity by Intel to truly demonstrate the “Future Classroom”

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