360 Timelapse for the Golden Globes

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This was a fun and challenging project. I left a camera in a stand for three days to record a timelapse of the Golden Globes built-up.

It took a little more than 3 days to build the red carpet entrance for the Golden Globes and I left my My Sphere 360 camera high in the stands to record the built.

But I did a few test before, used bateries and the only thing that work was to connect the camera directly to power. And even that was difficult since for some reason, some cables work and other didn’t. I also realized that the camera had to be fully charged before starting to record. Don’t know why.

Here is me setting up the camera


On Thursday at noon, I set up the camera. I used the Xiaomi My Sphere 360. Time lapse more and shooting one frame every 30 Sec.

On Sunday at noon, we downloaded the material for the camera an edited out the night scenes. Nothing was happening and it was just black. We ended up with a video that was 2:30 min long.

I started recording again but at a slower speed. One frame every 10 Sec to create a longer time-lapse for the actual Red Carpet ceremony.

Both videos were uploaded to The Beverly Hilton Facebook page.

I later uploaded them to my Veer page.


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