3 Ramen Places

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One of my favorite foods is Ramen. Originally from Japan, this soup is made with pork broth and has noodles, pork, and depending on the restaurant, it comes with flavored hard boiled egg, bamboo shoots, green onions and other toppings. There are many options, Miso, Shio or Salt, Shōyu or Soy Ramen. I always stay with he Miso.

In Los Angeles, there are 3 places I consider the best for Ramen.

Daikokuya Ramen in DTLA (Website). This is a great place for the food. Don’t expect a luxury place, but who cares if the food is that good. It is always full of people, you might have to wait a little and the wait line is outside. Ramen is very rich in flavor and plenty. The egg is just perfectly cook. The plate is a large one, they have a small version but it is part of combo with other plates. Bring cash since they don’t accept credit cards.

Sanoutka Ramen (Website). This places is in the food court, inside a Mitsuwa Market in Torranca CA. Another place that can’t be judge by it’s appearance since the food is excellent. They have different kinds of ramen and different sizes. The medium size is a good size. If I am eating something else, I will get the small size, but usually I stay with the medium. This Ramen has so much flavor and it is one of those plates that you cant stop eating until it is gone.

And finally, what I call a Ramen Oxymoron, since this one has no pork. Ramen Hood (Website) is inside The Grand Central Market in DTLA and it is 100% Vegan. Yes, full vegan and it is really good. Specially the mushrooms. I had to ask the guys what they were since they are amazing adults . I don’t like the egg since it is a soy egg. I would recommend you stay until there is a space at the counter, if you not they will send you with a to go container and it makes a big difference. Just wait until there is room. And don’t forget to order the Crispy Rice with Avocado…

There are thousands of Ramen restaurants and I haven’t tried all of them and if you know of a good one, let me know. I would love to try them all 🙂

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